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The association has set up a museum collection of Children's art with the support of prominent representatives of Hungarian contemporary art, art teachers, museum professionals, art historians and families who advocate children art activities. All children's art work is valuable and we welcome them all over the world. Art experts of the trustees have a look the received works and after their opinion these go to one of the different themed collections. This is the way to grow the First Hungarian Museum of Children's art steadily. So far, from 7 countries the thousands of works received, which we digitize, cataloge and preserve. Beside the permanent virtual space, recognized hungarian art galleries and museums have been presented children art works in different parts of the country (Gyula, Kecskemét, Budapest). Our thematic collections include adult-child couples collection, their pieces were presented with great success in Kecskemét Art Gallery.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Dream....my home

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